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Be- was,were,-been-съм

become- became-became-става (нещо)

begin- began- begun- започвам

blow- blew- blown-духам



Урок по английски номер 3

Waking Up on Blue Monday

Mrs.D:Wake up Kate.It's Monday today.It's seven o'clock.It's time to get up.Don't be late for school.

K:But,Mother,isn't it Sunday today?Let me sleep a little longer.

M:No,dear.Yesterday was Sunday.Today is Monday.It's time to get up.Breakfast is redy.Wash and dress quickly and come to the dining-room to have your breakfast.Put on your pullover.

K:Oh,Mother,I don't like Blue Monday.I like the week-end-it's  the students' day for rest.

Blue Monday-кисел понеделник

It's time to get up-време е за ставане

Don't be late-не закъснявай

Let me sleep alittle longer-нека да поспя още малко

Put on your pullover-сложи си пуловера

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Урок по английски 2

A family Talk

M:Hallo George!You look tired.Are you very tired?
G:Yes,I`m rather tired,indeed.I had to do at the office today.
M:Don`t you want a cap of coffee?Let me make some now.
G:Make it quickly and let`s drink it together and have a talk.
I need a little rest.But where is Suzy?I want to see that child.
M:She`s in the garden.Don`t let her come now.Let her play
with the other children.
G:And what is the news,Mary?Haven`t you any news to tell me?
M:Indeed I have.Our neighbours,the petrovs have a second child.
G:Good for them!Is it a girl or a boy?
M:It`s a girl this time.Last time it was a boy.They are very happy now.
G:I`m glad for them.They are a fine young family.

You look tired-изглеждаш уморен
I had a lot to do-Имах много работа
I`m rather tired-доста съм уморен
Let`s have a talk-Хайде да си поговорим
Thi time-този път
Last time-миналия път
Many time-много пъти

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Урок по английси 1

John:Who are those men over there?
Steve:They are Nick and Peter.Don't you know them?
John:Of course I do.Weren't they in the mountain with us
last Saturday?
Steve:Yes,they were.And their sisters were with them.
You know their sisters were with them,don't you?
John:Yes,I do.Nice girls,aren't they?

Last Saturday-миналата събота
Over there-ей там

K.What day is it tomorrow,Lily?
L.It's Saturday,isn't it?
K.Oh,my!We have our English lesson tomorrow and
I don't know my lesson.Do you know it?
L.I don't know it,either.
K.Are you buzy after school,Lily?
L.Yes,I am.I have to do many things at home.
K.What about this afternoon?
L.I am free this afternoon.
K.Let'slearn it together this afternoon.
L.All right.

Oh,my!-вклицание като "боже мой"
What about this afteroon?-Ами следобяд?
Are ypu buzy?-зает ли си?
I am free-аз- своодна съм.

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