За Жени Уроци по Англиски Урок по английски номер 3

Урок по английски номер 3

Waking Up on Blue Monday

Mrs.D:Wake up Kate.It's Monday today.It's seven o'clock.It's time to get up.Don't be late for school.

K:But,Mother,isn't it Sunday today?Let me sleep a little longer.

M:No,dear.Yesterday was Sunday.Today is Monday.It's time to get up.Breakfast is redy.Wash and dress quickly and come to the dining-room to have your breakfast.Put on your pullover.

K:Oh,Mother,I don't like Blue Monday.I like the week-end-it's  the students' day for rest.

Blue Monday-кисел понеделник

It's time to get up-време е за ставане

Don't be late-не закъснявай

Let me sleep alittle longer-нека да поспя още малко

Put on your pullover-сложи си пуловера


K:Where is my schoolbag,Mother?Do you see it?

M:Whose is that bag on the Table?Isn't it yours?

K:No,that's Steve's bag.I don't see mine.

M:Here's yours.under the chair.Do you want it?

K:Put those notesbooks in it,please,Mother.

M:Don't you want those books on the desk,too?

K:No,Mother.Those are my English books.We don't have English today.Our English lessons are on tuesday,

Thursday and Saturday.We have Bulgarian on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Now let me have

another cup of tea,please.Mother.

M:Here you are.Drink it up quickly,it's time to go.

K:It's still early,Mother.It isn't eight o;clook yet.Now I'm ready.Good bye,Mother

M:Good bye,Kate.


Let me have another cup-дай ми ояе една чаша

Here you are-заповядай

Drink it up-изпий я

It's still early-още е рано

Nick:What day is it today,Peter?

P:It's Thursday,isn't it?

N:Wasn't yeterday Thursday?

P:No,yesterday was Wednesday.It was George's namesday.Tomorrow is Friday.There's a new English film on tomorrow.Let's see it Together.

N:All right,but what about John?Let him come with us,too

P:Let's ask him to come,but I think he's usually buzy on Friday



It is Monday morning.Kate is still in bed.Her mother comes to wake her up.It isn't seven o'clock yet.Her mother wakes her up early becouse school begins at eight o'clock.Kate is sleepy but her mother doesn't want her to be late for school.Kate washes her Face and hands in the bathroom and dresses quickly.She goes to the dining-room to have her breakfast.Kate doesn't like Blue Monday.She likes the weekends.It's a time for rest.She likes to go to the mountain with her friends on Sunday.They were there  yesterday.On Sunday they werw at the cinema.A new English film was on.They often see English films together.They usually come home early.Their parents want them to be at home in time for dinner.The family usually have dinner together.Then they talk about the film.


She is still in bed-тя е още в леглото

It isn't sseven o'clock-още не е седем часа

In time for dinner-на време за вечеря





to wake up-събуждам се


to sleep-спя

to get up-ставам



tо wash-мия се

to dress-обличам си

to put on-обличам си

weekend-края на седмицата




to pull-тегля






to put-слагам


another-един друг











1Правила за четене:

-В думата breakfast и ready -ea се чете(e)


-Притежателен падеж на съществитените се образува:

като прибавим апостроф и s ('s) към съществителното,

ако то е в единствено число,и само апостроф,ако то е в множествено число и окончава на s:

Kate's bag-Кетината чанта

Mother's bed-маминото легло

The boy's ball-топката на момчетата

The students' desk-чиновете на учениците

Описателно с предлога of:

The table og the theacher-масата на учителя

The windows of the room-прозорците на стаята

-Притежателни местоимения са два вида: зависими и самостоятелни.Зависимите(my,your,his,its,our,their) се употребяват като птилагателни,т.е придружават съществителното.Самостоятелни(mine,yours,his,hers,its,ours,theirs) са само местоимения,заместват съществителното.

This is my book.Yours is in your bag.

/Това е мота книга.Твоята е в чантата ти./

3Имената на дните на седмиците се пишат винаги с главна буква.

4.Глаголът to dress значи обличам се,без да съобщаваме какво си обличаме.Щом казваме какво си обличаме,употребяваме глагола to put on

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